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When you are suffering from an unexpected illness or injury, or when you simply require general medical attention without waiting for an appointment, we are the provider you need. Our professional team of board-certified physicians, nurses and technicians is equipped to handle a comprehensive range of urgent medical conditions and injuries, routine illnesses, and general medical services. 

​You can be assured – we have a commitment to excellence when it comes to the level of care we provide


· We provide patient-focused healthcare with providers covering multiple specialties.

· We are your Patient-Centered Medical Home. This clinical practice functions as a hub of patient information. This means patient care and medical records are coordinated among all of our network physicians, creating a seamless medical experience for our patients whenever they visit physicians within the network.
· We provide on-site ultrasound and lab diagnostics


· Our PT and massage specialists are trained to help with the treatment and rehabilitation after auto accidents

· We offer IV vitamin boost and detox therapy

· DOT exam for CDL drivers is available

· Convenient hours. Our clinic is open from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. on weeknights and on weekends by appointment.


· Access to patient records online. Established patients can log in to the patient portal and access their personal medical information

· Our providers speak English, Spanish, Russian and Ukrainian.


· We accept new patients with Medicaid, Medicare, and the most of major insurance plans.

We specialize in primary care for adults to solve differential diagnostic problems, manage severe long-term illnesses, and help patients with multiple, complex chronic health conditions.

We provide comprehensive, longitudinal patient care with establishing a life-long relationships with our patients, and base our recommendations on each patient’s unique situation.

We are trained and have knowledge of the entire human body and its organ systems that give us a unique perspective of how everything works in unison. We analyze, consider and make connections from multiple data sets, and identify solutions for optimal health outcomes.


Our expertise makes us vital to both patients and medical professionals.

We focus on diagnosing and treatment of multiple acute and chronic illnesses, including:

  • Cardiovascular Disease

  • Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism 

  • Hematology 

  • Infectious Disease 

  • Nephrology 

  • Oncology

  • Pulmonary Disease 

  • Rheumatology 

  • Adolescent Medicine

  • Allergy and Immunology

  • Sleep Medicine

We provide a treatment aimed to restore functional movements and activities, such as standing, walking, and moving different body parts, that is an effective intervention for medical conditions or injuries resulting in pain, movement dysfunction, or limited mobility.


We offer corrective and preventative procedures for clients with injuries or other medical conditions as well as we do implement techniques to prevent injury and improve performance. 

We apply

  • Therapeutic Exercises

  • Ultrasound

  • Electrical Stimulation and TENS

  • Traction

  • Joint Mobilization

  • Massage and Manual Therapy

  • Heat

  • Ice

  • Iontophoresis

  • Laser or Light Therapy

  • Kinesiology Taping

  • Lymphodrenage

  • Trigger point techniques

  • Muscle Re-educatio


PEMF mat therapy based on the latest scientific research delivers the optimum therapy experience helping bring our own magnetic field back to its natural state improving well-being

General Office Policies

Making Appointments
For appointments please contact our office by phone 303-353-1440.
Canceling Appointments
BMH Health requires 24 hours notice for cancellation of an appointment.
 TeleHealth Appointments
Telehealth appointments are available. Please contact our clinic directly, to schedule.
 Prescription Refills
If you are in need of a refill of your prescription, please call your pharmacy. 
After-Hours Care
If you require emergency medical care after regular business hours, please call 9-1-1 or visit the one of Aurora Hospitals:
The Medical Center of Aurora
1501 S Potomac St. Aurora, CO 80012
University of Colorado Hospital (UCH)
12605 E 16th Ave. Aurora, CO 80045


Generally, the main types of IV therapy are:
Hangover relief: IV therapy is one of the most effective ways to find relief A hangover IV bag includes fluids to rehydrate the body, vitamins to help improve your energy levels, and medication to reduce the painful symptoms of nausea, heartburn, and headache. 
Athletic performance recovery: Whether you ran a marathon or hit the gym for a lifting session, your body could use a boost. IV therapy helps athletes recover following periods of exertion. 
Immune system support 
Cold and flu relief
Pregnancy symptom alleviation

Migraine and headache relief: includes vitamins and medication to mitigate your painful symptoms. 


Deep Tissue Laser Therapy has very few contraindications and can be used on nearly any part of the body excluding the eyes. Laser Therapy can be used as a treatment for arthritis, headaches, lower back pain, tendinitis, strains and sprains, repetitive stress injuries, TMD joint disorder, wound healing, burns, sores, post-operative pain, soft tissue injuries, swelling, fibromyalgia, carpal tunnel syndrome,, and so much more.

Research has shown unique benefits to Laser Therapy, including improving localized blood circulation, reducing localized inflammation and/or edema, stimulating wound healing and tissue repair, nerve function, and collagen and muscle tissue development. These benefits stimulate healing and result in faster recovery times.

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