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Nothing pleases us more than giving a patient a clean bill of health. At Parker Point Medical Center (known as BMH Corp INC Health Center), we don’t just see patients; we bond with our patients and establish lifelong relationships with them and providing the very best coordinated medical care following illness and injury.


Who we are?

Our providers specialize in the following areas:

  • Family and Internal Medicine

  • Weight Loss, Endocrinology, Hormone Replacement

  • Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation

  • Acupuncture and Laser Therapy

At our clinic, we are all about you: our patients. Our mission is to be a multi-specialty professional group providing healthcare services in Arapahoe County and surrounding areas.

Value Statements.

  • The patient is the center of the healthcare process

  • The patient is an active participant in the caregiving process

  • Families need to be included in the caregiving process

  • Wellness is a key component of healthcare

  • Innovation and problem-solving are required of all employees

  • Continuous improvement of the quality of care delivered is the responsibility of everyone

  • ​Family and Internal Medicine

  • ​Endocrinology and Weight Loss

  • Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Annual Wellness Check and Illness Prevention

  • IV Therapy (vitamin boost, detox, hydration)

  • Physical Therapy and ​Rehabilitation

  • Acupuncture 

  • PEMF, and Laser Therapy

  • Therapeutic Massage and Manual Therapy

  • ​Ultrasound Diagnostics

  • ​EKG, Laboratory Testing, Rapid PCT Diagnostics

To start your Telehealth Visit please click the button
"Enter waiting room" on the left, add your name in the window, and wait for your provider to log in.

Для связи с вашим врачом, в назначенное время нажмите зеленую кнопку "Enter waiting room" слева, введите свое имя в открывшемся окне и дождитесь появления врача. Спасибо.

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